Rainbow Bridge... "Cats leave paw prints on your heart"

Some cats are luckly enough to live a very long time but some aren`t so lucky but no matter what their age when they leave us they leave a very big hole in our lives. Rest in peace all my lovely angels & chase them butterflies. You are all in my heart & i miss you all everyday.

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Zelandonii Gypsy-Tart

30th May 2006 - 29th March 2019

My beautiful girl Gypsy who had the nickname of `Ole Frosty Knickers` You certainly made your presence felt but could also be very affectionate too. You gave me lots of joy & wonderful babies.  You did your bit for the breed doing a photo shoot for a new cat book. Sadly you lost your battle for life to mammary cancer.

Champion Tiganlea Marquis Prada
2oth August 2006 - 8th December 2018
My sweet boy Nog you were so gentle & quiet. You always wooed your lady friends & never had a cross word with anyone. You gave me some truly wonderful babies. You loved to greet my visitors & make them feel at home. As a kitten you surprised me by winning a Best In Show Semi Longhair Kitten. I was so very proud of you & still am.

Vanaheim Promise
10th May 2004 - 21st March 2018

My beautiful Promise you were a lovely mum & gave me lots of beautiful babies. You used to keep everybody in check & took no nonsense from anybody. You had the roughest tongue like sand paper but you would insist on giving me a wash. Sadly you lost your fight for life.

Zelandonii Nogbad Thebad
4th August 2001 - 10th March 2018

My handsome boy Ted. You were quite a character a sweet loving boy indoors but when outdoors just loved a good punch up with the neighbouring cats. Such a funny boy.

Supreme Grand Master & MasterCat Willomar
25th May 2005 - 14th February 2018

My beautiful Willomar I rescued you when you were about 9 months old after you were badly treated. You were a real character you loved everybody, never stopped purring. You were so chatty & a great hairdresser as you would sneak up behind people & attack their hair. You loved the cat shows & everyone loved you. She won so many awards, trophy`s & Best In Show`s. You were my mega superstar.

Champion Adecilo Melody Lolinsky
15th March 2010 - 1st may 2105
Melody was my beautiful loving girl who suddenly fell ill
after a few weeks of having kittens. Sadly the vets couldn't save her. She was a real sweetheart & all my visitors fell in love with her. She would run & greet anybody visiting & be straight up on their laps. She always had a lot to say too being very vocal. She enjoyed the shows & won a Best In Show Semi Longhair Kitten.

Zelandonii Lily Mae
24th August 2008 -29th May 2013
Lilia was a large buxom lass. She was full of Character & loved to wrestle & snuggle up with her sister Rosie. Sadly she was diagnosed with a rare condition in cats. Her nervous system had broken down effecting her brain but  sadly it wasn`t treatable. Lilia lived with my parents & they had to make the sad decision to let her go. Lilia was such a special girl.

Norbirdol Wildlady Isobel
18th July 1996 - 16th November 2012

Izy was my very first breeding girl who was a wonderful mum to all her babies and mothered everybody else too wanting to wash them all. You taught Katrina how to look after her babies when she was a first time mum. You were a very sweet quiet girl who was so very gentle & grew old gracefully.

Verdicatz  Harmony
9th July 2010 - 14th July 2012

Harmony was such lovely girl who was always into mischief. She loved water and was always getting the shower with me. She was so naughty that a couple of days after she was neutered she managed to flood the kitchen early in the morning when I was in bed. I was woken up by the sound of water as she`d turned the tap on. She was a wonderful mum to Nanook, who was her baby who is so like her in looks and temperament. Sadly she were taken far too soon.

Sigurd Sexy Katrina
16th March 1998 - 2nd July 2015

Katrina was a great mum to her babies. She only had 3 litters before having to  be neutered for health reasons. She was a very loving lady but could be quite grumpy in her old age & could give you the look with them eyes. She was a special lady & the first black & white cat I`ve ever owned. She was diagnosed with kidney failure in her last couple of years & eventually gave up the fight.

Amelia Pud
5th April 1992 - 2011

Pud was my lovely old lady who was such a sweet cat whom everybody loved. She had been with me since she was 8 wks old. She would hold her paw out & tap you to get you to make a fuss of her. She always accepted any new additions to the family gracefully. She started me off showing & had a fantastic time winning so many awards including Best in Show Household pet. When she was 16 she was diagnosed with kidney failure but luckily for her was given a new lease of life by having prescription food diet. She didn`t have any medication and carried on living life to the full. Sadly she passed away peacefully on my bed. She was 18 1/2 yrs old. To me she was an extra special  lady.

Champion & Premier Sigurd Tufty Tiger
16th March 1998 - 17th December 2005
My beautiful Tigerlily who was so cheeky and full of mischief. She just loved everybody and enjoyed the cat shows she was my first cat to gain a title. Everybody loved you. Sadly she was diagnosed with cancer and fought it for 6 months and passed away peacefully in my arms. 

A cat retracts its claws by flexing its toes. This protects their sharpness and lets him walk quietly when stalking