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   A little about me...

  My name is Julie Comer and I live beside the seaside in Deal, Kent with my lovely cats & my 2 dogs Stig & Betsy Blue. I am a small hobby breeder; where the health of all my cats comes first.  

  I grew up in a farmhouse and was always surrounded by different animals so my passion for animals started early.  

       GR CH Zelan donii Blue Oskijpg  

Grand Champion Zelandonii Blue Oski & me 

I  have been showing cats since 1997 when I started with my beloved moggie; Amelia (affectionately known as (Pud) who did really well on the show bench winning lots of awards.     

  I then started breeding Norwegian Forest Cats a year later in 1998 and have never looked back since.

  My aim is to breed large healthy kittens that are true to type and have lovely laid back temperaments.

  I sometimes have kittens available to loving homes.  

News Flash
We have babies available...

Ameilia (Pud) 

A little more about the kittens...
  All my kittens are raised indoors with lots of love & cuddles, no kitten leaves home before 13 weeks of age and when they do they are fully vaccinated, Gccf or Tica registered as my cats are dual registered, wormed & flea treated and come to you with 5 weeks free insurance.    

The kittens will all be micro chipped by me in the comfort of their home as I am a registered micro chip implanter.

  Each kitten will have a pedigree, registration papers & a goody bag with food, treats, toys & a blanket.

  My kittens are mainly sold as pets on the non active register but sometimes as show cats & breeding cats. Feel free to ask if you are interested in showing or breeding.

Zelandonii babies Trollfjord, Galadriel & Arwen

little bit about Norwegian Forest Cats...

  Norwegians are very playful and mischievous cats. They like to help out around the house and will investigate anything. They are also very intelligent and loving but extremely naughty in a nice way and are often described as lovable hooligans & gentle giants. They are very vocal & talk a lot with little chirrups & they also have an extra loud purr box too. There is never a dull moment with a Norwegian in the house as they will make you laugh lots. They are very sociable and get on with everyone humans & other animals so make the perfect pet.

Grand Champion & Grand Premier Zelandonii Arwen (Lily- Lou)  

  Norwegians are addictive; and its common knowledge that once you've owned one you will more then likely want another one.

  If there is any further information you would like or you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail please do not hesitate to get in touch; kitten and cat chat is always welcome.

  I hope you enjoyed your visit to my website, if you have any feedback or comments with regards to the site I would be more then happy to read them please feel free to e-mail me at zelandonii.nfc@gmail.com

Zelandonii Black Jack (Squeak)
Squeak has to be the naughtiest wegie I've ever bred

"I love cats because I love my home and little by little they become it`s soul"

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