It's All About The Boys & Girls... "Meet my gorgeous neuter`s" 

Champion & Grand Premier Zelandonii Mithrandir


Breed:  Norwegian Forest Cat
Blue and white male NFO a 09

Born:  15th April 2008

Sire:  Champion Tiganlea Marquis Prada

Dam:  Zelandonii Gypsy-Tart

About:  Loki is such a wonderful character he loves o give you a good wash & likes to play chase with the kittens. He has done so well at the shows & is the first baby of my prefix to gain a title. At his first show aged 15 wks he was awarded the Cleasanta Wildcard Trophy in 2008 & again in 2010. His sister Kattinka also won it in 2009. Loki had a lovely judge`s report from Mr Keith Scruton.

"As BIS judge I was asked to nominate a Norwegian for the Cleasanta Wildcard trophy for 'Take Home Cat' and I had no hesitation in nominating Julie Comer`s CH & PR Zelandonii Mithrandir. This boy has the most wonderful temperament he came out onto the trolley and started grooming me and as soon as I lifted him up he began grooming my face - how lucky to be owned by such a boy!"

Loki won Best In Show Male Norwegian Forest Adult & Best In Show Overall Norwegian Forest Adult at the Norsk Skogkatt society Show on 25th July 2009. He also won Best Opposite Sex Adult 2009 & Best Neuter 2013 in the Norsk
Skogkatt`s annual points awards. He has won 4 Neuter Best Of Breed`s.
Loki`s Gallery
Gccf Grand Premier & Tica Quadruple Grand Champion Altar Zelandonii Blueberry Pie (2 IMP`s 3 Reserve IMP`s)

Blueberry caljpg
Breed:  Norwegian Forest cat
Blue female NFO a
Born:  25th June 2015
Sire:  Grand Champion Zelandonii Blue Oski
Dam:  Adzwolo Wild Jasmine
Blueberry is from a litter of 9 babies not the biggest girl for a wegie but still has lovely type. She is a very playful girl & very chatty. Loves a game of chase around the house. She is very like her mum Jasmine chilled & laid back & loves to curl up on my lap purring away.
She has had a fantastic show career so far winning 6 Neuter Best of Breeds.
Best In Show Norwegian Neuter Female at the Norsk Skogkatt Society Show 6th October 2018.
Blueberry has won another Tica award 2020 THIRD BEST NORWEGIAN FOREST ALTAR OF THE YEAR 
What a superstar she is my gorgeous girl I’m so proud of her.
Blueberry`s Gallery

Grand Premier Zelandonii Banoffee-Pie

Tica Quadruple Grand Master Looney Tunes

Gccf Master Cat Looney Tunes (2 GMC`s)

Looney caljpg

Breed:  Norwegian Forest Cat
Blue smoke male NFO as

Born:  25th June 2015 
Grand Champion Zelandonii Blue Oski
Adzwolo Wild Jasmine

About:  Well Looney is just mad as a hatter he is just my nutty baby boy. He is full of mischief chirrups all the time & is constantly on the go all the while he is awake. He is such a crazy lovable character. He is slightly brain damaged after a little accident when he was young but this doesn't stop him enjoying life to the full. He is litter brother to Blueberry. He loves going to shows & enjoys all the attention & cuddles he gets. He has done really well at Gccf shows winning 4 Neuter Best Of Breed`s. 

 I am now showing him as a pedigree pet & he has already done well at Tica shows.

Looney won Best In Show Pedigree Pet & Overall Best in Show Household Pet 5th October 2019 at The Turkish Van Cat Club Show.

He has also won 3 Best Of Colour awards

 I so love this gorgeous boy who couldn`t?

Looney`s Gallery

Adzwolo Wild Jasmine

Breed:  Norwegian Forest Cat

Colour:  Black Smoke

Born:  5th May 2012

Sire:  Lansker Nimbus

Dam:  Norskmagi Venetia

About:  Jasmine is a real cuddle bug she just loves a cuddles & keeps everybody in order. She is very loving & very chilled & laid back but can also be very mischievous too.

She was a fantastic mum & just adores babies & was more then happy to feed all the babies even if they weren't  hers. She has now retired so no more babies but instead is enjoying her retirement & being a grandma.

Jasmine is PkDef negative  GSD IV normal Felv/Fiv negative & HCM Normal

Zelandonii Blue Lightning

Breed:  Norwegian Forest Cat

Colour:  Blue Silver Tabby & White Male NFO as 22

Born:  1st October 2007

Sire:  Champion Tiganlea Marquis Prada

Dam:  Grand Champion Zelandonii Treacle Tart

About:  Charlie has sadly come back home after his elderly owner wasn`t able to look after him anymore. At almost 14 years old I decided he was too old to be rehomed so he is staying with me. He has settled straight back in as if he`s always been here. He is such a loving boy. 

"Cats walk differently then dogs. In fact, along with giraffes and camels, cats are the only animals who have got a gait where front legs and back legs move together on one side, then the other."