Woof Woof Man`s Best Friend… "Meet my 2 crazy dogs"

Stig The Gobby One

Stig caljpg
Breed: Shih Tzu
Brown brindle male
24th March 2008

Stig is a very cheeky character he is a bit like a naughty schoolboy. He is as mad as a hatter but very loving too. He is a proper lap dog as soon as you sit down he jumps on your lap for cuddles. He is always excited to see visitors & lets everyone know they have arrived with his loud bark. He has to be the gobbiest dog in the world but I wouldn`t have him any other way. He gets on really well with the cats although they are the boss over him but he quite often snuggles up with them.

Stig`s Gallery

Betsy Blue The Big Teddy Bear
Breed:  Chow Chow
11th February 2014
Betsy is my blue bear I waited 18 yrs for. She has a lovely bubbly personality who can be very cuddly & a little naughty too. She loves people but she is the boss over Stig. If they have a disagreement she just stands over the top of him till he gives in. She loves her walks with Stig & my dad. He takes them out everyday for a 1 & a half hours walk up the golf course down to Sandwich Bay & back. 
Betsy`s Gallery

"Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience"

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