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Stud Services...

I have 2 very handsome stud boys Monster Munch & Odin are available to felv/fiv tested queens

Stud fee`s £250 on collection of your queen. Should the mating be successful there will be an extra £50 per surviving kitten to pay. Should the mating not be successful then she can come back for another try free of charge.

If you would like to use Monster Or Odin please email me for more details. 

  Zelandonii Monster Munch (2 CC)

Breed:  Norwegian Forest Cat

Born:  9th August 2021
Colour:  Blue
Sire:  Triple Grand Champion & Champion Zelandonii Running Bear
Dam:  Double Grand Champion Sunshimmer Belle
About:  Monster has gone from a very shy boy to a proper cuddle bug. He now luv`s the cat shows showing off to the public & is doing really well. He has won 2 Best Of Breeds. He also has the loudest purr ever luv him. He is now maturing well & is now interested in the ladies. He is a huge boy with lovely type & boning, but despite his size he is a very gentle boy.

is Felv/Fiv Negative,  GSD IV Negative,  PkDef Negative & is from HCM free lines

Monster`s Gallery

Niilo Av Jostedalsbreen (German Import)

Breed:  Norwegian Forest Cat
Born:  4th August 2022
Colour:  Silver Tabby With White
Eryn Galen Gildor
International Champion Skylar Av Jostedalsbreen
About:  Odin is such a gentle cuddly boy always purring. He is a big chunky boy with wonderful type & boning. Odin is from Germany & will be a wonderful addition to my breeding program. A big thank you to Ilona & Yvonne for entrusting Odin to me. I`m so looking forward to seeing him grow & develop & look forward to seeing his babies.

Odin is Felv/Fiv Negative PkDef Negative  GSD IV Negative & is from HCM free lines

"Cats are mysterious folk. There is more passing in their minds then we are aware of..."

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